Final Programme

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Monday 13 November
Time: Location: Activity:
18:00 Entrance 1 Information & registration desk opens
19:00 Theatre Upload facility opens for Tuesday speakers
19:30 Entrance 1 Information & registration desk closes
19:30 Grand Ballroom Welcome Icebreaker event
21:00 Theatre Upload facility closes for Tuesday speakers
Tuesday 14 November
Time: Location: Activity: Title: Speaker: Institution:
09:00 Official Opening Hydro17 by Chief Hydrographer of Dutch Navy Capt. Mark van der Donck Royal Dutch Navy
09:00 Theatre Opening addresses
09:10 Opening speech by President of International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) Holger Klindt University of Hamburg
09:15 Intermezzo: The story of the ss Rotterdam
09:30 Keynote 1 A New Look at Gaia Professor Emeritus Peter Westbroek
10:00 Activity pitches: 90 second pitches of workshops, tutorials and demonstrations
10:20 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Coffee and Tea Break
10:40 Theatre Session 1 Welcome Airborne/Lidar
10:45 Oral 1.1 Efficient management and integration of big data for topobathymetric applications: case studies from Lake Constane and Bavaria in Europe Frank Steinbacher AirborneHydroMapping GmbH
11:05 Oral 1.2 The BASE-Platform Project: Deriving the Bathymetry from Combined Satellite Data Stefan Wiehle DLR
11:25 Oral 1.3 Estimating Ebb Tidal Delta Bathymetries Using X-Band Radar Matthijs Gawehn Deltares
11:45 Oral 1.4 Airborne Hyperspectral Bathymetry (AHB) : Concepts and Performances Marc Lennon Hytech-Imaging
12:05 Oral 1.5 Bathymetric Data Derived from Free Source Satellite Imagery William Dann University of Plymouth
12:25 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Lunch break
13:30 Theatre Keynote 2 Data Centric Hydrography - Bringing Knowledge to Action Mathias Jonas IHO
14:00 Theatre Session 2 Welcome Data Processing
14:05 Oral 2.1 Minimum Depth, Mean Depth or Something in Between? Tannaz Haji Mohammadloo Delft University of Technology
14:25 Oral 2.2 A Comparison of Different Algorithms for a Seamless Merged Bathymetry Sandra Gaytán Aguilar Deltares
14:45 Oral 2.3 A new Era for Hydrographic Surveying Mark Pronk Teledyne CARIS
15:05 Oral 2.4 Innovative Approach in Automated Contour Generation and Sounding Selection Based on the Seamless Point Surface Concept Milan Uitentuis & Friedhelm Moggert-Kaegeler Intellinq/SevenCs GmbH
15:25 Oral 2.5 Automated Hydrographic Surveying and Latest Technology in Eiva NaviSuite Jeppe Nielsen EIVA A/S
15:45 Afternoon break
16:15 Theatre Session 3 Welcome Bathymetry (1)
16:20 Oral 3.1 Prospects of Uncertainty Propagation for Hydrographic Surveys Thomas Artz Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde
16:40 Oral 3.2 A Comparison of 12 and 40 kHz Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) for Deepwater Seephunter Surveys Matthijs Verschuren Shell
17:00 Oral 3.3 SEAPIX : an Innovative Multibeam Multiswath Echosounder for Water Column and Seabed Analysis David Vincentelli Ixblue
17:20 Oral 3.4 Evaluating High-Density Swath Bathymetry Sonars Against IHO-S44 Specifications: Ping DSP 3D Sidescan, a Case Study David Dodd IIC Technologies Inc.
17:40 Oral 3.5 Use of Kongsberg Extra Detections to Support Pipeline Inspection Surveys Bart-Jan Tijmes Fugro
18:00 End of Conference Day 1
Wednesday 15 November
Time: Location: Activity: Title: Speaker: Institution:
09:00 Theatre Keynote 3 Future Ocean Survey: For Science or for Business? Rob Luijnenburg
09:30 Theatre Session 4 Welcome Autonomous Survey
09:35 Oral 4.1 Fully Autonomous Hydrographic Surveys – a First Year’s Experience Duncan Mallace 4D Ocean
09:55 Oral 4.2 Maritime Broadband Radio – Expanding Operations Over the Horizon Vegard Haugen Kongsberg Seatex AS
10:15 Oral 4.3 Accuracy in Depth Peter Dugge Atlas Elektronik GmbH
10:35 Oral 4.4 Automation at Depth: Ocean Infinity and seabed mapping using multiple AUVs Al Rumson Ocean Infinity UK
10:55 Poster pitches (pitches of 90 seconds)
11:05 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Coffee and Tea Break: poster session 1
11:25 Theatre Session 5 Welcome Bathymetry (2)
11:30 Oral 5.1 Improved estimation of seafloor dynamics for optimising hydrographic resurvey planning. Reenu Toodesh Delft University of Technology
11:50 Oral 5.2 Development of a Low-cost Multi-sensor Platform for Recording Shallow Water Depths Sarah Diederichs HafenCity University, Hamburg
12:10 Oral 5.3 Multibeam Acoustic Water Column Imaging: Fueling Real-time, Post-processing and Analysis Applications with Software Jonathan Beaudoin QPS
12:30 Oral 5.4 Optimisation of the bathymetry module within a rip current prediction system, operating in the area of Egmond aan Zee Roman Schotten Deltares
12:50 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Lunch break Day 2
13:45 Theatre Session 6 Welcome Backscatter
13:50 Oral 6.1 Multiple Data Deliveries from on Data Source the Multibeam System Ellen Stuifbergen Teledyne RESON BV
14:10 Oral 6.2 Challenges in UXO-Detection Liesbet Van der Burght ADEDE Belgium
14:30 Oral 6.3 Magnetic anomalies reveal prehistoric channels Seger van den Brenk Periplus Group
14:50 Afternoon break Day 2
15:20 Theatre Keynote 4 Water - the Extraordinary Story of our Most Ordinary Substance Alok Jha
15:50 Theatre Session 7 Welcome Construction Support
15:55 Oral 7.1 Providing (Hydrographic) Services to Marine Construction David Claeys Jan De Nul Group
16:15 Oral 7.2 Cable Detection Using Automated Contact Recognition in Acoustics Jasper Kwee Stema Systems
16:35 Oral 7.3 Optimizing Surveys for Breakwater Construction Projects Barry Grinker Lia Engineering & Surveying Ltd
16:55 Oral 7.4 Proactive Dredging in the Dutch Waddensea Mattijn van Hoek HKV Lijn in Water
17:15 Oral 7.5 More uptime, less risk: performance of a real time on-board wave and ship motion prediction system Peter Naaijen Delft University of Technology
17:35 End of Conference Day 2
19:00 Spido Conference Dinner & Best Student Paper Award
Thursday 16 November
Time: Location: Activity: Title: Speaker: Institution:
09:00 Theatre Keynote 5 Digging into the Problems of Corruption. The Excavation of the 18th Century Dutch East Indiaman (VOC) Ship the Rooswijk Martijn Manders Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed
09:30 Theatre Session 8 Welcome Morphology
09:35 Oral 8.1 A Continuum of Knowledge from Measurements to Modelling to Explore the Future of our Seabed Resources, Belgian Part of the North Sea Nathan Terseleer Lillo Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science
09:55 Oral 8.2 Morpodynamics of sea- and riverbeds from high-temporal resolution bathymetric time series Thaiënne van Dijk Deltares
10:15 Oral 8.3 Real-time validation of CoVadem derived water depths at locations with a fixated riverbed Anke Cotteleer MARIN
10:35 Oral 8.4 The Hydrographic Monitoring of Venice Inlet Channels: the Gateway to the Lagoon Nicola Pizzeghello Italian Hydrographic Institute
10:55 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Coffee and Tea Break_
11:15 Theatre Session 9 Welcome Education
11:20 Oral 9.1 Knowledge leads to connections Johan Stam Skilltrade
11:40 Oral 9.2 Ocean Technology – hydrography education in the Netherlands Rob van Ree Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz
12:00 Oral 9.3 Hydrographic Education (FIG/IHO/ICA Category A) at the HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) Prof. Harald Sternberg HafenCity University Hamburg
12:20 Oral 9.4 SandBox-FM: Augmented reality visualization of hydrodynamics Willem Ottevanger Deltares
12:40 Oral 9.5 Recent Evolutions Of The Demand For Hydrographic Surveyors In The Benelux Prof. Alain De Wulf Ghent University
13:00 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Lunch break Day 3
14:00 Theatre Session 10 Welcome Cross-border Challenges
14:05 Oral 10.1 A Kalman filter approach to realize the lowest astronomical tide surface Prof. Martin Verlaan Delft University of Technology
14:25 Oral 10.2 Building a digital bathymetric grid for European seas – the EMODnet High Resolution Seabed Mapping initiative Leendert Dorst Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy
14:45 Oral 10.3 Bathymetry as a keystone for building the blue economy of the Netherlands. Leendert Dorst Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy
15:05 Oral 10.4 Computation of a consistent vertical reference datum in Europe using a Global Tide Surge Model Maialen Irazoqui Deltares
15:25 Oral 10.5 Developments in the Interconnectivity of Tide and Weather Data Mike Osborne OceanWise
15:45 Afternoon break Day 3
16:00 Grand Ballroom Closing ceremony
16:10 Grand Ballroom Best paper award
16:20 Grand Ballroom Announcement of Hydro18
16:25 Grand Ballroom Festive closure
17:00 Grand Ballroom End of Conference Hydro17