Preliminary Programme

Monday 13 November
Time: Location: Activity:
18:00 Entrance 1 Information & registration desk opens
19:00 Theatre Upload facility opens for Tuesday speakers
19:00 Grand Ballroom Welcome Icebreaker event
19:30 Entrance 1 Information & registration desk closes
20:00 Grand Ballroom Icebreaker event
21:00 Theatre Upload facility closes for Tuesday speakers
Tuesday 14 November
Time: Location: Activity: Title: Speaker:
09:00 Theatre Opening addresses
09:15 Intermezzo: The story of the ss Rotterdam
09:30 Keynote 1
10:00 Activity pitches: 90 second pitches of tutorials, demonstrations, and excursions
10:20 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Coffee and Tea Break
10:40 Theatre Session 1 Welcome Airborne/Lidar
10:45 Oral 1.1 Efficient management and integration of big data for topobathymetric applications: case studies from Lake Constane and Bavaria in Europe Frank Steinbacher
11:05 Oral 1.2 The BASE-Platform Project: Deriving the Bathymetry from Combined Satellite Data Stefan Wiehle
11:25 Oral 1.3 Estimating Ebb Tidal Delta Bathymetries Using X-Band Radar Matthijs Gawehn
11:45 Oral 1.4 Airborne Hyperspectral Bathymetry (AHB) : Concepts and Performances Marc Lennon
12:05 Oral 1.5 Clarity on the Colour of the Sea Marcel Wernand
12:25 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Lunch break
13:30 Theatre Session 2 Welcome Data Processing
13:35 Keynote 2
14:05 Oral 2.1 Minimum Depth, Mean Depth or Something in Between? Tannaz Haji Mohammadloo
14:25 Oral 2.2 A Comparison of Different Algorithms for a Seamless Merged Bathymetry Sandra Gaytán Aguilar
14:45 Oral 2.3 A new Era for Hydrographic Surveying Mark Pronk
15:05 Oral 2.4 Innovative Approach in Automated Contour Generation and Sounding Selection Based on the Seamless Point Surface Concept Milan Uitentuis & Friedhelm Moggert-Kaegeler
15:25 Oral 2.5 Automated Hydrographic Surveying and Latest Technology in Eiva NaviSuite Jeppe Nielsen
15:45 Afternoon break
16:15 Theatre Session 3 Welcome Bathymetry (1)
16:20 Oral 3.1 Prospects of Uncertainty Propagation for Hydrographic Surveys Thomas Artz
16:40 Oral 3.2 A Comparison of 12 and 40 kHz Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) for Deepwater Seephunter Surveys Matthijs Verschuren
17:00 Oral 3.3 SEAPIX : an Innovative Multibeam Multiswath Echosounder for Water Column and Seabed Analysis Guillaume Matte
17:20 Oral 3.4 Evaluating High-Density Swath Bathymetry Sonars Against IHO-S44 Specifications: Ping DSP 3D Sidescan, a Case Study David Dodd
17:40 Oral 3.5 Use of Kongsberg Extra Detections to Support Pipeline Inspection Surveys Bart-Jan Tijmes
18:00 End of Conference Day 1
Wednesday 15 November
Time: Location: Activity: Title: Speaker:
09:00 Theatre Session 4 Welcome Autonomous Survey
09:05 Keynote 3
09:35 Oral 4.1 Fully Autonomous Hydrographic Surveys – a First Year’s Experience Duncan Mallace
09:55 Oral 4.2 Maritime Broadband Radio – Expanding Operations Over the Horizon Ove Hognes
10:15 Oral 4.3 Accuracy in Depth Peter Dugge
10:35 Oral 4.4 Ocean Infinity Jan Arvid Ingulfsen
10:55 Poster pitches (pitches of 90 seconds)
11:05 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Coffee and Tea Break: poster session 1
11:25 Theatre Session 5 Welcome Bathymetry (2)
11:30 Oral 5.1 A Continuum of Knowledge from Measurements to Modelling to Explore the Future of our Seabed Resources, Belgian Part of the North Sea Nathan Terseleer Lillo
11:50 Oral 5.2 Development of a Low-cost Multi-sensor Platform for Recording Shallow Water Depths Sarah Diederichs
12:10 Oral 5.3 Multibeam Acoustic Water Column Imaging: Fueling Real-time, Post-processing and Analysis Applications with Software Jonathan Beaudoin
12:30 Oral 5.4 Multiple Data Deliveries from on Data Source the Multibeam System Ellen Stuifbergen
12:50 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Lunch break Day 2
14:00 Theatre Session 6 Welcome Backscatter
14:05 Oral 6.1 Application of Textural Analysis to Multi-beam Echo-sounding Data for Monitoring Marine Offshore Constructions on the Seabed Timo Constantin Gaida
14:25 Oral 6.2 The Hydrographic Monitoring of Venice Inlet Channels: the Gateway to the Lagoon Ottavio Patulli
14:45 Oral 6.3 Challenges in UXO-Detection Liesbet van der Burght
15:05 Oral 6.4 An Object Based Image Analysis Approach to Rock Counting in the Cleaverbank Leo Koop
15:25 Oral 6.5 Surface Sediment Classification of a Large-scale Offshore Area (Cleaver Bank) Based on the Seabed’s Reflectivity Robert van Lil
15:45 Afternoon break Day 2
16:15 Theatre Session 7 Welcome Construction Support
16:20 Oral 7.1 Providing (Hydrographic) Services to Marine Construction David Claeys
16:40 Oral 7.2 Cable Detection Using Automated Contact Recognition in Acoustics Jasper Kwee
17:00 Oral 7.3 Optimizing Surveys for Breakwater Construction Projects Barry Grinker
17:20 Oral 7.4 More uptime, less risk: performance of a real time on-board wave and ship motion prediction system Peter Naaijen
17:40 Oral 7.5 Proactive Dredging in the Dutch Waddensea Mattijn van Hoek
18:00 End of Conference Day 2
19:00 Spido Conference Dinner
Thursday 16 November
Time: Location: Activity: Title: Speaker:
09:00 Theatre Session 8 Welcome Morphology
09:05 Keynote 4
09:35 Oral 8.1 Improved estimation of seafloor dynamics for optimising hydrographic resurvey planning. Reenu Toodesh
09:55 Oral 8.2 Morpodynamics of sea- and riverbeds from high-temporal resolution bathymetric time series Thaiënne van Dijk
10:15 Oral 8.3 Real-time validation of measured water depths at riverbed locations with a fixed layer Anke Cotteleer
10:35 Oral 8.4 Optimisation of the bathymetry module within a rip current prediction system, operating in the area of Egmond aan Zee Roman Schotten
10:55 Poster pitches 2 (pitches of 90 seconds)
11:05 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Coffee and Tea Break: poster session 2
11:25 Theatre Session 9 Welcome Education
11:30 Oral 9.1 Knowledge leads to connections Johan Stam
11:50 Oral 9.2 Ocean Technology – hydrography education in the Netherlands Rob van Ree
12:10 Oral 9.3 Hydrographic Education (FIG/IHO/ICA Category A) at the HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) Harald Sternberg
12:30 Oral 9.4 SandBox-FM: Augmented reality visualization of hydrodynamics Cilia Swinkels
12:50 Oral 9.5 Recent Evolutions Of The Demand For Hydrographic Surveyors In The Benelux Alain de Wulf
13:10 Queen's lounge, Atlantic Promenade, Glass Enclosed Promenade Lunch break Day 3
14:00 Theatre Session 10 Welcome Cross-border Challenges
14:05 Oral 10.1 A Kalman filter approach to realize the lowest astronomical tide surface Cornelis Slobbe
14:25 Oral 10.2 Building a digital bathymetric grid for European seas – the EMODnet High Resolution Seabed Mapping initiative Thierry Schmitt
14:45 Oral 10.3 Bathymetry as a keystone for building the blue economy of the Netherlands. Leendert Dorst
15:05 Oral 10.4 Computation of a consistent vertical reference datum in Europe using a Global Tide Surge Model Maialen Irazoqui
15:25 Oral 10.5 Developments in the Interconnectivity of Tide and Weather Data Mike Osborne
15:45 Afternoon break Day 3
16:00 Grand Ballroom Closing ceremony
16:10 Grand Ballroom Best paper award
16:15 Grand Ballroom Best student paper award
16:20 Grand Ballroom Announcement of Hydro18
16:25 Grand Ballroom Festive closure
17:00 Grand Ballroom End of Conference Hydro17